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It provides what is necessary for an organized and flexible mental blueprint about our clinical practice cases


A 2004 graduate from the National University of the Northeast, the Argentine Marcelo Javier de la Rosa is a cardiologist in Corrientes. Specifically, he practices in the town’s Cardiology Institute, in the area of cardiovascular rehabilitation. Dr. de la Rosa is convinced that "knowledge in medicine is essential but does not constitute 100% of the clinical practice, since we deal with patients with different complexities." This is his point of connection with the platform of simulation and debate of clinical cases, Practicum Script.

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In medicine, memorization is fundamental, but without reasoning, you are exposed to malpractice

Dr. Daniel Gaitán Román is in charge of the cardiological assessment of patients before kidney, pancreas, and liver transplantation at the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga (Spain). He completed his training in cardiac imaging at the Vall de Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona,  University of A Coruña, and Clínico Hospital in Madrid. He has several master’s degrees, has given 200 presentations in meetings, and has written chapters of books and published in journals with impact factor. Along with that, he also teaches. He recognizes that Practicum Script has changed his perspective on managing some conditions.

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Medicine is an art of reflection with critical thinking, and you must stick to a system while still being very perceptive


A pediatrician and research coordinator in the School of Medicine of Veracruzana University, Dr. Miguel Varela Cardoso, entering his fifties, works hard between private healthcare practice and academic commitment to science. In 2010, he was the first Mexican to attend the Latin American Health Leadership Seminar sponsored by the Universities of Harvard and Oxford, and he recently completed successfully the Fifth Course of Pediatrics Mexico of Practicum Script. He sees the simulator as an ally that gives support and assistance to both his practice and intellectual zeal.

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The important thing about controlled simulation is that it allows us to exercise the reasoning, which will lead us to a diagnosis


"I was born in 1980, and I have been a physician since 2005, a clinical cardiologist since 2009, and an interventional cardiologist at Hospital Italiano de Rosario (in Argentina) since 2014. I have experience in clinical research since 2006 and in basic research since my time as a student. As highlights, I am a member of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, Argentine Association of Cardioangiologists, and Rosario’s Cardiology Society." This is an introduction letter from Dr. Luciano Aramberry, a Practicum Script user who sees in the platform a series of common and well-designed clinical scenarios that are beneficial for practice.

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For me, the program is very interesting, since it allows me to sharpen my interrogation and direct it more towards a specific pathology and to have more knowledge of laboratory and cabinet exams. I think it is very important that we keep our medical sagacity throughout our practice and that in the few minutes it takes to answer any of the cases that Practicum Script presents, you acquire more knowledge.

Dr. Miguel Olivares Alcocer

Pediatrician in Guanajuato (Mexico)

I would like to express my gratitude to the Practicum Institute of Health Sciences Research for the opportunity given to Latin American physicians  to access and take different courses of our specialty for the benefit of our dear patients, in my case in Mexico. It has encouraged me to improve myself and keep abreast of the advances in Pediatrics and put into practice the knowledge acquired in the hospital where I work. Thanks friends and congratulations to this valuable team of Practicum Script Education.

Dr. Heriberto Fuentes García

Pediatrician in Sonora (Mexico)

I am grateful for this study tool that, through Nestlé and with this method, allows us to review different issues with cases that confront us in decision-making and serve us in the daily consultation.

Dr. Josué Refugio de León Padilla

Pediatrician in Jalisco (Mexico)

It is an excellent educational support platform for the pediatrician, offers very specific clinical challenges with alternatives for diagnosis and differential diagnoses, with the support of experts, a bibliography and a forum to share opinions. It's easy to navigate and it's fun, a tool that's worth using and making the most of it.

Dr. Guillermo Yanowsky-Reyes

Surgery Pediatrician in Guadalajara (Mexico)

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