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It is good to learn without causing any harm: simulators fill this gap providing knowledge and [informing about] possible consequences


Medical surgeon graduated from the National University of Córdoba in 1996 and specialist in Cardiology since 2003 by the Medical Council of the Province of Córdoba, Dr. Graciela Cámara works in two public hospitals. Her practice is developed between the Maternal and Neonatal Hospital, where she takes care of complicated pregnancies and puerperium care in an Obstetric ICU, and the National Hospital of Clinics, where she performs tasks in the Medical Clinic and the Cardiology room, including teaching activities for residents. In her opinion, with Practicum Script maybe the resident learns new things and the specialist forgotten things.

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Once you face flesh-and-blood patients you realize that nothing is black and white and that no one gives you options to choose from


Mario Sutil Vega is a consultant cardiologist at the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell, Catalonia (Spain). He completed his residency at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and obtained his title from Bellvitge. Cardiac imaging is his passion, and even though he only became a medical specialist three years ago, he speaks enthusiastically about it. He has more than 12 published studies and is a member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology. According to Dr. Vega, "The diagnostic and therapeutic reality is more complex than a 'true or false;' it is necessary to integrate multiple data and be aware of the specificities of each of them."

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We must be more open and critical, analyzing and considering information from a broader perspective


"Regarding my profile, I just want to highlight that I am a clinical cardiologist with 35 years of experience and training at the Argentine hospital General de Agudos Cosme Argerich under the leadership of master Carlos Alberto Bertolas, together with a group of colleagues with whom I shared my professional and human development,” explains Dr. Eduardo Allegrini with the serenity of a veteran. He continues: "In my hometown, I developed my activity of caring and teaching and cofounded our integrated cardiology society at the FAC, which I nurture until today.” Finalizing, the specialist reiterates his gratitude "for being able to access the valuable Practicum Script tool” at this stage of his life.

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With Practicum Script I exercise with different scenarios and pathologies, a knowledge that would require years of practice


William Alberto Delgado Nava is a medical graduate from the University of Zulia (Venezuela). He crossed the pond to do his residency in Cardiology, which he completed between 2013 and 2018 at the Puerta del Mar hospital in Cádiz (Spain). During this time, he obtained two titles of University Expert in Atrial Fibrillation and Cardiac Imaging. Today, he is a cardiologist specialist at the Institute of Research and Biomedical Innovation of Cádiz and a researcher in the areas of sudden death, ventricular arrhythmias, and cardiac imaging. He also performs echocardiographic examinations and Holter stress tests in a private practice setting. His results in Practicum Script are exceptional.


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Congratulations for doing this type of continuing medical education course that leads to activate clinical reasoning. It is crucial especially when you do not attend public hospitals, where paraclinical costs are provided, and your are a first contact physician.

Dr. Juan Manuel Zaragoza Michel

Pediatrician at Clínica Médica Morealia in Michoacán de Ocampo (México)

These courses are amazing and over the years have had variants that have improved our learning capacity and help us a lot in our daily practice. I also thank the bibliography that Practicum provides for the differential diagnoses. I have taken all the courses. This has motivated me to take courses from the most prestigious universities in the world through Coursera and Edx.

Dr. José Luis Campos Pahua

Pediatrician in charge of his own practice in Zitácuaro (Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico

From the beginning it seemed to me like an excellent tool to keep in shape of pediatric medical knowledge. Its system is very pleasant and dynamic and makes you think of each answer by applying the knowledge you already acquired during your professional practice, as well as by supporting yourself in the comments of the teachers who direct the subject. I highly recommend it and I hope Practicum keeps expanding their experience in this way to all pediatric physicians in the country.

Dr. Alfredo Isas Vázquez

Pediatrician at Hospital San José in Monterrey (Mexico)

Excellent support for all those involved in the health of our patients. It encourages us to continue updating ourselves to be more accurate and confident in our daily medical practice. Thank you for this opportunity that we are taking advantage of every day to enrich our knowledge for the complete well-being of our population.

Dr. Salvador Caballero Dimas

It makes me rethink about my attitude and safety in daily medical practice.

Dr. José L. Suárez

Head of the Cardiology Internment Room of the Hospital General de Agudos

I consider it is a practical method, quick and simple to get feedback on our knowledge, since often time flies and we can't be up to date as we would like. 

Dr. Rogelio Ochoa Aldana

Pediatrician, Sinaloa (Mexico)

It doesn't matter if I read that the experts' opinions are concordant with mine; in the end, what you get out of it is a lot of training. Remember that we physicians will always have discrepant opinions and the gray area in medicine is always very wide, so the most important thing is that day to day we keep our minds open to learning and knowing other physicians' or groups of physicians' opinions about particular cases.

Dr. Miguel Olivares Alcocer

Pediatrician, Guanajuato (Mexico)

I consider it is a very entertaining and interesting methodology; the comments of the experts help to consider the patients from a practical point of view. As the program progresses, the method of thinking in the diagnostic and therapeutic process changes.

Dr. Jacqueline Fierro Jara

Gastroenterologist pediatrician (Chile)

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