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Collaborations and endorsements

National Association of Mexican Cardiologists (ANCAM)

Ties with the National Association of Mexican Cardiologists and other Mexican cardiology entities have enabled two Practicum Script cardiology courses to be done in this country. Apart from the association’s endorsement, the ACNAM selects five prestigious professors for the International Committee of Experts in cardiology. The courses are recognized by the Mexican Cardiology Council.

Mexican Academy of Pediatrics (ACAMEXPED)

The Practicum Script program has been endorsed by the Mexican Academy of Pediatrics since 2011. Thanks to this alliance, four Practicum Script pediatrics courses have been done in Mexico and have been recognized by the Mexican Pediatrics Certification Council. Twenty-three renowned Mexican pediatricians selected by the Academy form part of the International Committee of Experts in pediatrics.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona)

In February 2016, the Practicum Foundation and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, represented by its Director of Knowledge and Teaching, signed an agreement of academic cooperation. This agreement enables all residents in pediatrics free access to the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training program, as a complementary tool in their training curriculum. It also provides for the development of a joint educational research protocol for the use of Practicum Script during the residency period.

Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA)

This agreement between the Practicum Foundation and the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Pontificial Catholic University of Argentina “Santa Maria of Buenos Aires”, in force since July 2015, is the first institutional agreement to apply the Practicum Script model to training students in the final years of medical school. As part of the agreement, selected UCA professors will be in charge of developing the medical content of the program for use in medical schools starting in 2017.

Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC)

In January 2012, the Practicum Foundation and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) signed a framework cooperation agreement to join forces and work together to develop activities, projects, and application solutions in the field of medical training. Through this agreement, semFYC provides academic support for the Practicum Script program.

Mexican Society of Cardiology (SMC)

Since 2011, the Practicum Script Cardiology program has also been endorsed by the Mexican Society of Cardiology, and five renowned professors from the SMC are on the International Committee of Experts in cardiology.

Pediatric Society of the Basque Country and Navarra (SVNP)

In June 2016, the Practicum Foundation and the SVNP signed an agreement for the implementation of the Practicum Script program. Thanks to this institutional agreement, all residents in the last two years of training at any university hospital in the Basque Country or Navarra, as well as their tutors, can access the Practicum Script program free of charge. This agreement also includes the creation of a Committee of Auditors from this society, which forms part of the Spanish Committee of Expert Auditors for pediatrics.

Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)

The Distance University of Madrid and the Practicum Foundation signed a cooperation agreement in November 2015 in which UDIMA accredits the use of the Practicum Script program at this university. Thus, professionals that complete each annual course within their specialties can opt to obtain the title of “University Expert in Clinical Reasoning” awarded by this university, which is valid internationally and is equivalent to 20 ECTS credits.

European Board of Medical Assesors (EBMA)

Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO-WHO)

The Practicum Foundation and the Panamerican Health Organization, a regional office of the WHO, signed a memorandum of understanding in April 2012 to collaborate in the dissemination and implementation of the Practicum Script program in the Americas, especially in medical schools. This important institutional tie, renewed in May 2015 by the president of the PAHO, also implies that the Practicum Institute’s pedagogical research will be disseminated to the academic entities in the PAHO’s member states.

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