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Global Business Development

Practicum Simulators is a company whose goal is to internationalize the application of the Practicum Script Concordance Test. The company seeks a return on the more than 12 years’ investment in thorough scientific and field research that has made Practicum Script an excellent tool for developing medical thinking skills and for training in clinical reasoning. Practicum Simulators owns the trademark Practicum Script and its derivatives, and holds all the copyrights and intellectual property rights for the contents in all the specialties, except for the citations and references in UpToDate©, which belong to Wolters Klower.

Practicum Simulators has developed and registered the software used in the digital simulation platform and has created the digital design and communications platform. The entire digital course has been created and registered by this company.

Practicum Simulators is a corporation that acts alone and in association with other companies; in some countries, it is represented by its licensees.

Contact: [email protected]

Research + Development + Innovation

The Practicum Foundation - Institute of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education - is a public nonprofit Spanish institution. It develops research protocols in the areas of education, teaching, and user interface in the Practicum Script.

It currently heads a consortium including colleges from Laval University and Montreal University in Canada, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Kansas Medical Center in the USA, and the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. These studies are done with 1500 associated physicians who use the Practicum Script simulator in pediatrics, cardiology, and gastroenterology. More than 80 articles about this pedagogical approach have been published in international journals with very high impact factors.

In Spain, the Foundation has reached five agreements for scientific cooperation oriented toward continuing professional education and improving the quality of care. The Practicum Foundation is sponsored by the World Health Organization.

Contact: [email protected]


Dr. Eduardo Hornos


Dr. Eduardo Pleguezuelos

Academic secretary

Dr. Enric Mayolas

Director of International Relations

Lic. Lorena Muñoz Vivas

Operations manager

Dr. José M. Jimenez Candela

Legal adviser

Executive committee of Practicum Script

Dr. Eduardo Pleguezuelos Rodríguez

Editor-in-chief of medical contents

Dr. José Mella Clerici

Co-editor-in-chief of gastroenterology contents

Dr. Carlos Escobar Cervantes

Co-editor-in-chief of cardiology contents

Dr. Jorge Martínez Pérez

Co-editor-in-chief of pediatrics contents

Dra. María del Carmen
Ruíz Alcocer

In charge of editing and
style correction

Dr. Fernando Navarro

Director of medical lexicography

Practicum Alliance

The Practicum Foundation carries out many of its activities in collaboration with renowned universities, scientific societies, medical colleges, university hospitals, and other scientific and educational organizations in Spain and the rest of Europe, Latin America, Canada and the United States.

Practicum Simulators

United Kingdom

Global Business Development

Global House
303 Ballards Lane
London N12 8NP. United Kingdom


Research + Development + Innovation

Practicum Foundation. Institute of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education. Fuencarral 105, 1º 28004 Madrid, Spain

Buenos Aires

Software + Contents

Zufriategui Street, 627 7º
1667 Vicente López
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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