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Practicum Script will present a revolutionary qualitative approach to measure clinical reasoning at the 50th anniversary of AMEE

AMEE approves an oral presentation on the results of Practicum Script among 2,500 medical students for its annual conference.

Four prestigious medical institutions from Birmingham develop cases for Practicum Script in Paediatrics

Birmingham Children's Hospital, named in Newsweek's World's Best Hospitals 2020 list as the top 1 paediatric centre in the UK, will contribuite with 6 spespecialists.

Contextualizing formal knowledge to particular clinical situations improves diagnostic accuracy

Experts' ability to reason accurately is content specific. Knowledge about the cognitive psychology inherent in the process may improve decision-making.

Strategies aimed at building knowledge and understanding lead to advances in clinical reasoning skills

A group of British medical educators agrees on practical recommendations to improve clinical reasoning at undergraduate level.

Practicum Script is on the agenda for McMaster’s Rethink Clinical Reasoning Conference

The results of the multicentre application of Practicum Script in undergraduate medical education will be exposed at a virtual event organised in February.

Practicum Analytics allows the teaching staff to monitor the students' progress in order to promote adaptive learning

It provides indicators of the performance of the students in the clinical cases of Practicum Script to adjust the proposal to the detected needs.

The pilot study Practicum Universities reaches more than 2,500 students across more than 20 top universities

There is a strong need for approaches tailored towards the development of clinical reasoning skills, and Practicum Script can contribute meaningfully to this end point.

EBMA supports the application of the clinical reasoning simulator Practicum Script in undergraduate education

Drs. Cees van der Vleuten and Eduardo Hornos have agreed to develop effective approaches tailored towards the improvement of clinical reasoning skills.

Practicum Script consolidates the summative modality with the final PS-OSCE grade test evaluating clinical reasoning

More than a dozen universities have used Practicum Script cases to assess the clinical reasoning skills in an examination for final year students.

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