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Medical Education commends the didactics of Practicum Script in a special article included on “Really Good Stuff”

Researchers of the Practicum Foundation, Imperial College London and the University of Maastricht publish a pilot study with 7,000 students.

David Tvildiani Medical University will present its experience with Practicum Script at EBMA 2024

Prof. Dr. Liza Goderdzishvili, Head of Department at Tbilisi Central Hospital, from DTMU, will conduct a session on the outcomes achieved by her students with Practicum Script in relation to decision making skills. 

Practicum Script encourages users to verbally make their thinking visible to improve their critical judgment

Practicum Script prepares a new version of the platform, with better qualitative feedback and a jump in navigation speed and usability.

The Practicum Script clinical reasoning simulator adds gynaecology and obstetrics to its offer for universities

Specialists from Duke, Tennessee, North Carolina and Weill Cornell Medicine New York build new clinical cases for undergaduate students with a focus on women's health.

The clinical reasoning simulator Practicum Script repeats presence at the annual conference of AMSE, focused on digitalisation

David Tvildiani Medical University (Georgia) participates at AMSE 2023 with a study on their students' satisfaction with Practicum Script.

The president of the Practicum Foundation meets with 700 rectors to analyse the role of the university in Valencia

The 5th Universia International Rectors Summit has reflected on the fact that universities have always acted as beacons lighting the path to societal progress.  

Practicum Script took part in this year’s AMSE conference with a presentation of the host’s experience

David Tvildiani Medical University presented its experience with our clinical simulation model in Batumi (Georgia). It's been 4 years since they started using Practicum Script.

Practicum Script proves its utility at EBMA 2022 with a presentation of its psychometric properties

Recent annual EBMA conference welcomed the psychometric results of the use of the clinical reasoning simulator Practicum Script at undergraduate level.

Understanding cognitive processing enables medical educators to effectively teach clinical reasoning skills

Acknowledging the grounding of cognitive processing, from the role of system 1 and system 2 thinking to the impact of cognitive biases, can allow teaching clinical reasoning skills.

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