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20 cases for Practicum Script’s application to medical students have already been created 

Now the project targets the validation of the clinical cases by a panel of referees consisting of experts in Internal Medicine from most participating medical schools. 

“Systems thinking says being human we’re going to have decision-making problems”

Prof. Dr. Lucian Leape is an American health policy analyst whose vast research has focused on error prevention. Intrigued? Check out what he has to say...


Only interventions using reflection and guided cognitive strategies improved modestly the diagnostic reasoning

Interventions to improve reasoning achieve modest results by applying reflection and guided cognitive strategies.

Users endorse the Practicum Script clinical simulation tool

A vast majority of the specialists surveyed rely on Practicum Script to update their knowledge, open their minds to differential diagnoses and gain confidence in decision-making.

Visual thinking (I): cognitive labels to optimize the ability to solve problems

Knowledge representation strategies, such as visual thinking networks, improve the resolutive capacity, especially if color is used.


Practicum joins AMEE, the Association for Medical Education in Europe  

Our strategic alliances for medical education of the Practicum Foundation grow with AMEE's premium institutional membership.


There is no magic wand to reduce diagnostic errors

Expanding knowledge and reorganise it by introducing reflection is one of the best strategies aimed at reducing errors in clinical reasoning.


Dr. Ceriani: “Even the one who knows the most and the one who is very competent make mistakes, which is why reasoning is key”

We interview the coordinator of the patient safety committee of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires about medical error.

Organization of knowledge and diagnostic quality: the neurocognitive track 

The findings of neurocognitive sciences and research in medical education shed light on the organization of knowledge and clinical reasoning.


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