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Prof. Gallen: “The difficulty in medical education is the nature of translating knowledge into practice into work with patients”

We talk to the president of the association for medical education ASME on the occasion of our membership. Medical CV, assessment and simulation are on the table.

Complutense is the first Spanish university to join the Practicum Script project for medical students

On February 8, the dean of the Faculty sealed the agreement for the implementation of the clinical reasoning training program.


The Practicum Foundation joins ASME, the British association of medical education

Last week, the Practicum Foundation became a member of the prestigious Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).

How to use intuition to hit the target when establishing a diagnosis

Intuition is related to experience as well as to the recognition of signs and symptoms based on it.

A Lancet article increases the rate of deaths caused by noncommunicable diseases to 73%

What if this increase is a clear sign of a phenomenon of behavioral diseases that deviates from the statistical patient and demands more critical judgment?

Relational reasoning can improve clinical performance and prevent medical errors

Analogy, anomaly, antinomy, and antithesis are strategies to reinforce medical education.

Uncertainty as a factor for integration in the evaluation of clinical reasoning and training

No one doubts clinical reasoning is essential for optimal clinical practice today, but moving forward in this field involves recognizing the existence of uncertainty and the fact that there may be more than one correct answer.

The Argentine university USAL implements Practicum Script for medical students and residents

The University of Salvador joins the multicenter pilot project of application of Practicum Script to medical students and also embraces the implementation of the simulator in hospitals for resident physicians.


A project to deliver Practicum Script to medical students was successfully presented during the EBMA 2018 conference

The arrival of Practicum Script to the university sphere has gained momentum after the annual conference of the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA), held on November 23 and 24 in Braga (Portugal). 


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