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Become a distinguished member of our International Clinical Reasoning Club

To paraphrase David Eagleman, the final frontier in our understanding of our own littleness and contingency is the realization that consciousness is not the center of the mind but a limited and ambivalent function in a vast cosmological circuitry of non-conscious neurological functions. Thus, most of our mental operations take place without us being aware of them.

A new paradigm of complexity-based medicine is emerging. This paradigm is patient-centered rather than disease-centered; it takes into account that human beings are formed by their biographies as well as by their biology, and it recognizes that people’s clinical problems do not always have clear-cut solutions. In this paradigm, physicians’ decision-making criteria are made up of a combination of the evidence and their experience.

In this new teaching paradigm in medicine, knowledge is no longer the central focal point around which all clinical competencies revolve; knowledge has been superseded by reasoning skills, which are crucial for problem solving in doubt-laden contexts.

Practicum Script is designed to be a tool for training in clinical reasoning for those who self-regulate their training processes. It is not a teaching project per se, but rather an international learning community striving for professional competence in our specialties. This approach has profound repercussions in the quality of care.

When you sign up for one of the courses in your specialty, you immediately become a member of the International Clinical Reasoning Club: you will receive a newsletter with news in the field, you will be able to take part in debates about the cases in the forum, and you will be able to have a relationship with colleagues from different countries; moreover, one of our experts will act as your tutor to guide you through the whole course cycle and beyond.

Would you like to form part of Practicum Script’s International Committee of Expert Auditors?

The Practicum Script program enjoys the support of a select Committee of Expert Auditors for each specialty. This committee is made up of prestigious experts from different countries who are chosen on the basis of their professional and academic achievements and experience in the field.

This international academic body voluntarily reviews and revises the quality, appropriateness, and scientific rigor of the clinical cases that make up each annual edition of the Practicum Script course. Each member makes a valuable contribution to the continual improvement of the program’s medical contents and to the general success of the clinical simulation program.

Requirements for Auditors

You can become a distinguished member of the International Committee of Expert Auditors in your specialty if you meet the following professional requirements:

  • At least 10 years’ experience as a certified specialist.
  • Current activity attending patients, with more than eight years’ uninterrupted practice.
  • Involvement in training residents or fellows in the specialty for at least the last five years.

The Role of Auditors

Each member of the committee of auditors is in charge of evaluating two clinical cases in their subspecialty or clinical area for each teaching year. The cases are audited on the same simulator platform that is used for medical training.

As a distinguished Expert Auditor, you will have the special prerogative of communicating directly with Practicum Script’s Scientific and Editorial Committee, expressing your points of view, judgments, and comments about the clinical cases, the feedback provided to participants, and the relevance of the medical contents to clinical practice in your country.


Your academic contribution will be recognized through your integration in the Practicum Institute of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education’s International Committee of Expert Auditors (Madrid, Spain). This distinction will be accredited with a certificate and mention of your name and professional affiliation in our educational platform’s portal.

Become part of our prestigious academic team!

To request to become a member of our Committee of Expert Auditors, you can write to us at [email protected], attaching your curriculum vitae. For more information, you can write to the same address or phone +34 910 05 27 54.