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Clinical reasoning training program

Practicum Script is the first international online educational model centered on self-assessment and training in clinical reasoning. It is geared toward specialists and senior residents.

You face clinical challenges based on real cases in each specialty, where you will compare and contrast your decisions about complex professional dilemmas you face in everyday practice with those provided by dozens of international experts.


Simulator of real clinical cases
of prevalent conditions
in which the best course
of action is controversial.

Immediate feedback from international experts, together with the scientific evidence underlying their agreement and discrepancies.

Collaborative advanced learning network that aims to develop lasting clinical reasoning skills.

Innovative and disruptive!

Rather than measure knowledge, it measures know-how—the way professionals apply knowledge to resolve complex cases in daily practice.

10 reasons why you will love our program


It bolsters your clinical self-confidence as a specialist.


It accelerates your critical judgment
and enhances the quality of your clinical reasoning.


It hones conscious and unconscious decision-making processes.


It results in a lasting mental acceleration of decision-making processes.


It reduces the experiential learning time in residents.


It merges clinical experience with the
best external evidence..


It points out the strong points and weak points in your reasoning processes.


It leads to satisfaction through increased efficacy.


It allows you to participate in an international collaborative network of clinical thinkers.


It is an accredited postgraduate program, leading to university certification.

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