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Available courses in Pediatrics

International Course of Advanced Simulation in Pediatrics - Portuguese Edition

International course directed to specialists in Pediatrics. It consists of 22 real cases of the practice of the specialty, which contain a total of 110 scenarios simulated with controversial solutions. All the cases presented correspond to pathologies prevalent in pediatrics both in the hospital setting (emergency and hospitalization) and primary care.
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470 EUR
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Practicum Script Course of General Pediatrics

The Practicum Script Pediatric Course comprises 60 clinical cases constructed from the clinical histories of real patients that cover the main topic areas in the specialty. The course methodology is based on decision-making in 300 simulated clinical scenarios in the emergency department, outpatient clinics, and hospital ward. A new case will be presented every week throughout the course.
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1000 EUR
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Practicum Script Course of Hospital Pediatrics

This course is designed for pediatricians who develop their activity, totally or partially, in the pediatric hospital, in Spain and Latin America. It is structured in 3 modules based on the decision-making in a total of 150 complex scenarios that are presented in 30 patients with different pathologies of the practice of the specialty. Clinical cases cover the main areas of pediatrics in three different contexts: hospital room, hospital consultation and pediatric emergencies. Opinions of international experts Scientific evidence supporting decision making Clinical debate between colleagues from different countries
  • Clinical cases available in
830 EUR
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