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International Conference in Plymouth

David Tvildiani Medical University will present its experience with Practicum Script at EBMA 2024

The venue for EBMA 2024 is the University of Plymouth, situated in the heart of the city on the South Devon coast.

Madrid, 8th April 2024. Prof. Dr Liza Goderdzishvili, Head of the Emergency and Internal Medicine Department  at Tbilisi Central Hospital, from Georgian Medical University David Tvildiani (DTMU), will make an oral presentation on Practicum Script at the annual conference of the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA). EBMA 2024, to take place at the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom) between the 11th and 13th of April, has scheduled a parallel session on the morning of Saturday in which she will share the usage experience of her students with our clinical reasoning training program. Specifically, she will focus on the outcomes in decision making skills achieved when completing our clinical challenges based on real patients.

After two consecutive editions of AMSE, once again, DTMU will give details to the education community of its commitment to enhance students’ clinical thinking and problem-solving skills. For this purpose, they have trusted Practicum Script for four years now as a formative and summative undergraduate approach and they have demonstrated been highly satisfied with the simulation model. Since its creation in the 90s, the institution has built a distinguished reputation for medical education in the Caucasus region, providing higher education based on science and the best international experience in the medical field, with an English-taught Medicine course. Practicum Script strengthens their teaching, learning and assessment strategies, as well as their research quality.

According to Prof. Dr Goderdzishvili, who is a member of the internal medicine board of Practicum Script, there’s a general good perception of the benefits of the platform among trainees. Many of them value that it is a good method for self-directed learning, which helps them with transferable skills close to their future medical practice. The point is that “satisfaction with any type of learning can influence not only students’ motivation but also the acceptance of learning formats and the achievement of academic outcomes.” As for the teaching staff, “Practicum Script is a good tool to assist academics to diagnose clinical reasoning difficulties and provide meaningful feedback at undergraduate level."

What to expect 

Under the theme “The future of assessment in medical education: opportunities and threats”, EBMA 2024 consists of short symposia, workshops, oral and poster presentations, including three keynote presentations: “Exploring the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and assessment”, which will be delivered by professor from the University of Calgary Kent Hecker, “Bringing CBME to life – assessment is key”, to be given by professor from the University Hospital Zurich Adrian Marty, and “Designing a plan for assessment for learning“, which will have the professor of the University of Maastricht Desirée Joosten-ten Brinke as speaker. 

From our side, Dr Eduardo Pleguezuelos, who is the academic secretary of the Practicum Foundation, will attend the event as a member of the organising committee, along with professors Cees van der Vleuten, Carlos Collares, Adrian Freeman and Paata Tsagareishvili, among others. There will be ample opportunities to network with colleagues from all across Europe and abroad, not least at the conference dinner, which will be held in the National Marine Aquarium, at a short walk from Plymouth’s historic centre and the conference venue at the University of Plymouth campus.   


Mark the presentation on your calendar!
13th of April, 10:10
Outcomes of practicum script clinical reasoning simulator training for the enhancement of decision-making and clinical reasoning in real practice
Liza Goderdzishvili

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