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We will always deal with uncertainty in our clinical practice, and decisions may not always be correct


Dr. Víctor Eduardo Vallejo is Honduran by birth, has a Medical degree from the University of Navarra (Spain), and has been nominated to a Medical Graduation Outstanding Award. Currently, he is a third-year resident of Cardiology at the University Assistance Complex of Salamanca (Spain), with a special interest in the field of Hemodynamics and Cardiac Imaging. He also holds a master's degree in Cardiovascular Critical Care from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and another postgraduate degree in Thromboembolic Diseases from the University of Alcalá. His research is focused on Cardiotoxicity and Cardiac Imaging, and he is currently working on his doctoral thesis.

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“Practicum Script offers continuous and accessible updating, especially for those living far”


Dr. Néstor Risoglio is an interventional cardiologist at Cemep Río Grande Clinic in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) and a well-established professional in Hemodynamics and Hematology. In 2007, he performed the first programmed hemodynamic intervention in a cardiac patient at a public hospital. A few years later, he suffered a stroke, but that did not keep him away from his professional practice. His calling has always driven him to give his best, and taking the Practicum Script course is proof of that. Regarding the clinical simulation tool, he believes that it offers "continuous and accessible updating."

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To think fast is generally positive; what you should not do is to rush

"As a physician, I graduated from the National University of Rosario (Argentina). I’ve been a cardiologist since 1997, and an emergency medical specialist since 2010. I currently work in the private and public settings at the Juan Bautista Alberdi Hospital in Rosario." This is how Dr. Silvina Galetto describes her professional trajectory. An active user of Practicum Script, she had taken two courses when [Practicum] was launched along with the Argentine Federation of Cardiology. She is especially grateful for "the dilemmatic approach" of the clinical reasoning training program.


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To implement the ability to question different hypotheses is to simplify the path to the final diagnosis


Maria Laura Mingo is a cardiologist in Salta (Argentina). She has been a physician since 2011 and a professor since 2013. Dr. Mingo emphasizes the value of Practicum Script as a collaborative learning network and a vast forum for debate and reflection. She likes to quote the French physiologist Claude Bernard and mentions that “those who do not know what they are looking for will not understand what they find.” Also according to her, “to develop the mental ability to question different hypotheses and request different complementary tests helps and simplifies the path to the final diagnosis.” She also believes that the fact that we "know that [Practicum] is a simulator brings a bit of tranquility."

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Congratulations for doing this type of continuing medical education course that leads to activate clinical reasoning. It is crucial especially when you do not attend public hospitals, where paraclinical costs are provided, and your are a first contact physician.

Dr. Juan Manuel Zaragoza Michel

Pediatrician at Clínica Médica Morealia in Michoacán de Ocampo (México)

These courses are amazing and over the years have had variants that have improved our learning capacity and help us a lot in our daily practice. I also thank the bibliography that Practicum provides for the differential diagnoses. I have taken all the courses. This has motivated me to take courses from the most prestigious universities in the world through Coursera and Edx.

Dr. José Luis Campos Pahua

Pediatrician in charge of his own practice in Zitácuaro (Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico

From the beginning it seemed to me like an excellent tool to keep in shape of pediatric medical knowledge. Its system is very pleasant and dynamic and makes you think of each answer by applying the knowledge you already acquired during your professional practice, as well as by supporting yourself in the comments of the teachers who direct the subject. I highly recommend it and I hope Practicum keeps expanding their experience in this way to all pediatric physicians in the country.

Dr. Alfredo Isas Vázquez

Pediatrician at Hospital San José in Monterrey (Mexico)

Excellent support for all those involved in the health of our patients. It encourages us to continue updating ourselves to be more accurate and confident in our daily medical practice. Thank you for this opportunity that we are taking advantage of every day to enrich our knowledge for the complete well-being of our population.

Dr. Salvador Caballero Dimas

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