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Data obtained from practice is better memorized


Associate Cardiologist at the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cádiz (Spain)

Dr. Amalia García has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cádiz. She specialized in Urology in 2011 and Cardiology in 2017. She currently works as an associate in the Cardiology service at the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cádiz. In January 2019, she concluded the Practicum Script advanced simulation course of Cardiology with 80% of coincidental scenarios, and in early July, enrolled in the new available edition of the course. She believes that the simulator is a useful tool to improve deductive reasoning in a practical framework.

Are these 30 cases representative of clinical cardiology practice?

Yes, they are similar to the patients I see on a daily basis. I work in clinical cardiology and I have found many similarities with the clinical cases.

What advantages do you observe in investing on improving clinical reasoning and correcting cognitive failures?

In Medicine, you must stay constantly up-to-date, and it is very useful to apply information acquired in workshops, verify it against [information from] expert committees, and review the latest publications.
If experience is a degree, does case simulation pave the way?

It is a very helpful simulation because you apply the usual dynamics of any medical consultation, and apart from exceptional cases, the diagnostic methods [in the simulation] are the same that we, doctors, use in daily practice. You can study different hypotheses without having the stress of the consultation.

Can you train to become an expert?

The speed of reasoning can be trained.  I believe that theoretical knowledge is important but useless if you do not know how to apply it in your work routine.

How do you deal with doubt and dilemmatic situations?

I work in a referral hospital so I can consult the corresponding units or services, with a few exceptions.

Traditional models of medical education reinforce the concept of infallibility, but learning from error is perhaps the most basic lesson of all...

To err without consequences is useful in medical training. In daily practice, we maintain a more conservative and careful attitude. We avoid possible consequences while having more freedom with this kind of practical exercise.

What is the value of a virtual athenaeum like Practicum Script as a continuous professional development tool?

Especially in practice and, of course, deductive reasoning in a practical framework. Data obtained from practice are always better memorized.

Would you recommend the course to a colleague?

Yes. Being an online course, the best things are its flexible schedule and the mobile app. You can review clinical cases at any time and situation, propose diagnostic hypotheses or treatments, and get a response from the expert committee in a short time.


For me, the program is very interesting, since it allows me to sharpen my interrogation and direct it more towards a specific pathology and to have more knowledge of laboratory and cabinet exams. I think it is very important that we keep our medical sagacity throughout our practice and that in the few minutes it takes to answer any of the cases that Practicum Script presents, you acquire more knowledge.

Dr. Miguel Olivares Alcocer

Pediatrician in Guanajuato (Mexico)

I would like to express my gratitude to the Practicum Institute of Health Sciences Research for the opportunity given to Latin American physicians  to access and take different courses of our specialty for the benefit of our dear patients, in my case in Mexico. It has encouraged me to improve myself and keep abreast of the advances in Pediatrics and put into practice the knowledge acquired in the hospital where I work. Thanks friends and congratulations to this valuable team of Practicum Script Education.

Dr. Heriberto Fuentes García

Pediatrician in Sonora (Mexico)

I am grateful for this study tool that, through Nestlé and with this method, allows us to review different issues with cases that confront us in decision-making and serve us in the daily consultation.

Dr. Josué Refugio de León Padilla

Pediatrician in Jalisco (Mexico)

It is an excellent educational support platform for the pediatrician, offers very specific clinical challenges with alternatives for diagnosis and differential diagnoses, with the support of experts, a bibliography and a forum to share opinions. It's easy to navigate and it's fun, a tool that's worth using and making the most of it.

Dr. Guillermo Yanowsky-Reyes

Surgery Pediatrician in Guadalajara (Mexico)

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