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Errors occurring during training have a different burden than those occurring after graduation


Cardiologist at CPRM in Paraná (Argentina)

Dr. Natalia Noemí Salcedo is a Cardiologist at the Private Center for Respiratory Medicine of Paraná (CPMR), in Argentina. She concluded the Second Practicum Script course in Cardiology, launched in June in collaboration with the Argentine Federation of Cardiology. Her results? Almost 60% of coincidental hypotheses and more than 85% of scenarios. Before joining the CPMR team, she worked at the Rubén Darío Medical Center and the Caseros Model Sanatorium, both in Buenos Aires. For Dr. Salcedo, the cases presented in the course are similar to those in her medical practice, and "most cases have differential diagnoses that are often not considered.”

Madrid, August 30, 2019. From the 30 cases that you worked on during the course, have you seen a direct connection between the simulation and your clinical practice? Tell us about the context of your health care practice.

Yes, there is a correlation since the cases presented [in the course] are common in medical practice. Most scenarios have differential diagnoses that are often not considered. 

We often refer to the community of Practicum Script users as a club of clinical thinkers. What advantages do you see in improving clinical reasoning and correcting cognitive failures?

Exercises with differential diagnoses from a semiological perspective are essential. Complementary tests have to refute or confirm a suspected diagnosis and should not be used in the first place to “see what can be found.” 

Traditional models of medical education reinforce the concept of infallibility, but learning from error is perhaps the most basic lesson of all. Is err without consequences useful in medical training?

Errors during training have a different burden than those occurring after graduation. A diagnostic error can be fatal, although sometimes you have time to correct it. I think that doctors should commit the least amount of errors possible and the only way to achieve this is with knowledge.

What is the value of a virtual athenaeum like Practicum Script as a continuous professional development tool?

It is very important.

Would you recommend the course to a colleague? Which resource has been most useful? Would you change anything? Do you have anything to add?

Yes, I would recommend it. What helped me the most was the possibility to succeed in some of the answers and the reason for that. I found the system confusing, and I ultimately did not know what the correct diagnosis was, which is also important. It would be good if it continued with all differential diagnoses and if it discriminated well those “subcases” arising from the main one.

Editorial Note: Practicum Script addresses clinical uncertainty and highlights this aspect.








For me, the program is very interesting, since it allows me to sharpen my interrogation and direct it more towards a specific pathology and to have more knowledge of laboratory and cabinet exams. I think it is very important that we keep our medical sagacity throughout our practice and that in the few minutes it takes to answer any of the cases that Practicum Script presents, you acquire more knowledge.

Dr. Miguel Olivares Alcocer

Pediatrician in Guanajuato (Mexico)

I would like to express my gratitude to the Practicum Institute of Health Sciences Research for the opportunity given to Latin American physicians  to access and take different courses of our specialty for the benefit of our dear patients, in my case in Mexico. It has encouraged me to improve myself and keep abreast of the advances in Pediatrics and put into practice the knowledge acquired in the hospital where I work. Thanks friends and congratulations to this valuable team of Practicum Script Education.

Dr. Heriberto Fuentes García

Pediatrician in Sonora (Mexico)

I am grateful for this study tool that, through Nestlé and with this method, allows us to review different issues with cases that confront us in decision-making and serve us in the daily consultation.

Dr. Josué Refugio de León Padilla

Pediatrician in Jalisco (Mexico)

It is an excellent educational support platform for the pediatrician, offers very specific clinical challenges with alternatives for diagnosis and differential diagnoses, with the support of experts, a bibliography and a forum to share opinions. It's easy to navigate and it's fun, a tool that's worth using and making the most of it.

Dr. Guillermo Yanowsky-Reyes

Surgery Pediatrician in Guadalajara (Mexico)

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