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The European Commission is committed to eHealth and asks the states to share health data

Next May 25, the new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force. For the first time, Brussels sets common standards on the right of people to know who, how, and why their data are being used or stored. In this framework, the European Commission demands the digital transformation of health systems.

The future of the continuing professional development in medicine

It is time to embrace professional development based on competencies. The transition will require professionals to evaluate their clinical performance, medical centers to provide indicators on a regular basis and train educators, and regulatory authorities to turn to the certification of competences.

The 2018-2019 Spanish Authors’ Committee on Pediatrics has been established

The national authors’ committee of Practicum Script of Pediatrics has already almost twenty experts. Training of the experts was delivered over three online seminars. The last one was tutored by Dr Jorge Martínez, an attending physician at the Pediatric Department of Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, in Madrid. 


Novice and clinical experts activate different hemispheric areas in decision making

As clinicians progress, everything indicates that decision making relies less on basic biomedical knowledge and more on previous experience. According to a study published in Advances in Health Sciences Education, with increased task difficulty, the clinical decision process in novices and experts activates distinct neuronal areas.

Medical error, education and learning

Indirect liability, presence of a witness, and negative consequences for the patient are the most favorable conditions for an error-friendly environment. These are the conclusions of a study carried out in Germany and published in BMJ. This same journal revealed in 2016 that medical error is the third cause of death in the US.


The app of Practicum Script is already available

The real clinical cases simulator Practicum Script has just launched its own application in order to facilitate the clinical training of Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Pediatrics professionals. The app retains its online functionalities, allows you to sign up from your phone and provides an audio option so you can listen to every case.

The Practicum Foundation signs an academic agreement with the Catalan Society of Pediatrics

This agreement enables 120 senior residents in pediatrics in hospitals throughout Catalonia to take advantage of the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training program free of charge.

Practicum Script courses now award an official European university degree

The Distance University of Madrid's (UDIMA) degree "University Expert in Clinical Reasoning" is valid internationally, thanks to an agreement between the university and the Institute for Research Applied to Education in the Health Sciences.

Residents at one of Europe's top pediatric hospitals receive the advantages of Practicum Script

The Practicum Foundation and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu have signed an agreement that enables all its residents in pediatrics to access the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training program.

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