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Premium Instituional membership

Practicum joins AMEE, the Association for Medical Education in Europe  

The institutional membership with the medical association AMEE reinforces Practicum's commitment to the European scene.

This year, the Practicum Foundation - Institute for Applied Research in Health Sciences Education plans to intensify its international presence, particularly in the British area. February was the month of ASME and March was the month of AMEE. AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe), a regional association of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), integrates more than 90 countries on five continents. The association promotes international excellence in undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education for healthcare professionals. 

Madrid, March 26, 2019. The bulk of Practicum Foundation’s strategic alliances for medical education has grown with a premium institutional membership with AMEE. Founded in 1972 in Copenhagen to promote communication among medical educators and help promote national associations in Europe, AMEE has grown both in size and in scope of activities over the past ten years; today, it is a global presence in almost one hundred countries. AMEE members, including Practicum as a newcomer, include educators, researchers, administrators, curriculum advisors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals.

AMEE’s raison d'être is to monitor and promote advances in the changing environment of medical education. In collaboration with other organizations, AMEE supports educational activities of teachers and institutions and development of new approaches to curricular planning, assessment techniques, and educational management. This is accomplished without losing sight of changes in provision of medical care, patient demands, and new didactic techniques and educational thinking. Like the foundations of Practicum Foundation, those of AMEE are permeated by the identification of improvements in traditional pedagogical approaches and innovations in teaching and learning models.

"In addition to academic prestige and a pedagogical approach clearly incorporated into the 21st century, international engagement is one of the hallmarks of the Practicum Foundation," affirms our president, Dr. Eduardo Hornos. "With this desire for understanding, we earned at the beginning of the decade a sponsorship by the Pan American Health Office and established, more recently, a joint collaboration with the European Board of Medical Assessors, with whom we work to propose the application of Practicum Script to medical students," explains Dr. Hornos. The foundation leads a consortium with colleagues from the Universities of Laval and Montreal in Canada, the University of Illinois and Kansas Medical Center in the US, and the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Vienna 2019
AMEE provides opportunities to establish contact with recognized experts, to listen to and discuss their opinions, and for participation in workshops and presentation of abstracts via brief oral communications or posters. The most important event of the association is the annual conference, which will be held this year in Vienna between August 24 and 28, with the featured topic of continuum of education. Along with our institutional membership, AMEE also offers online access to the Medical Teacher journal (a publication recognized as a reference in medical education), online education guides from information resources at MedEdCentral, and the MedEdWorld community network.

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