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Association for the Study of Medical Education

The Practicum Foundation joins ASME, the British association of medical education

As an institutional member, the Practicum Foundation has already marked in the calendar the upcoming ASME Meeting, next July. 

Last week, the Practicum Foundation became a member of the prestigious Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME). With this addition, the number of institutional members of the UK-based international organization exceeds seventy. All members – including the Practicum Foundation, as a reference in Spain – are strongly committed to medical training and health education as key strategies for the 21st century. The Practicum Foundation is thus aligned with the vision, innovation, and leadership pursued by ASME. As proof of this common interest, we'll have an oral presentation about Practicum Script at the annual conference in Vienna.

Madrid, February 6, 2019. At the Practicum Foundation, we are dedicated to applied research in education in health sciences, so our association with ASME, the British association of medical education, was only a matter of time. We share with ASME the intentions and acquired responsibilities of the association’s declaration "good health educators are central in the planning, provision, and evaluation of high-quality medical care," as well as the same values about professional development and optimization of health care. Ultimately, both institutions share the promotion of opportunities for advancement of physicians and health systems.

Established in 1957 by the General Medical Council to promote research in medical pedagogy, ASME brings together personnel from all levels of medical education, specialties, and different disciplines, accounting for a diverse community. University professors, postgraduate instructors, training managers, deans, students, and researchers are just part of the association’s human infrastructure, which we also became part of in 2019. As an association, ASME points out to the foundational aspiration of bringing together stakeholders in the areas of training, research, and networking. ASME’s prestigious scientific journals Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher crystallize the efforts of the association in disseminating knowledge.

The goal of ASME is to allow members to share and support best practices in medical education. Similarly, the Practicum Foundation proposes research, teaching, and technology development with the conviction that improvement of the education system in health sciences requires ideas that constitute genuine contributions to real practices. "It is only possible to achieve this goal with academic excellence, plurality in circulating knowledge, and sensitivity to the problems of the current reality of medicine," says Dr. Eduardo Hornos, president of the foundation. The best example is Practicum Script: the first online clinical case simulator focused on the training of reasoning skills.

Glasgow Meeting
Fully aware that the advances in the scientific-technical field are undeniable, ASME organizes regular events and workshops. Specifically, this year's Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Glasgow between July 3 and 5 with the theme "Sustainability, transformation and innovation in medical education," and the Practicum Foundation has already confirmed its participation in the event. In fact, we'll take the opportunity to make a brief oral presentation about Practicum Script. For now, ASME has announced that the meeting will be attended by Olle Ten Kate, the Dutch expert in reliable professional activities, and Shafi Ahmed, also known as the virtual surgeon of the Royal Hospital London.


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