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The Argentine Cardiology Federation “renews its vows”

The president of the FAC renews his commitment to Practicum and ensures that “there is no way to approach the patient without permanent training”

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Dr. Adrián D'Ovidio explained that "it is the policy of our national board to continue with the agreement," referring to the agreement signed in 2016 between the organization that he leads, the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), and the Practicum Foundation. Thanks to this agreement, both institutions commit to continuous medical development and catapult the international fame of the simulator of real clinical cases, Practicum Script. 

B. Aires/ Madrid, August 3, 2018. "I’ve worked as a doctor for 37 years: the truths that I’ve studied have changed 37 times." In a videoconference with the Practicum Foundation, the president of the FAC, Dr. Adrián D'Ovidio, underlined the need for the availability of platforms with updated knowledge and training in thinking skills for the achievement of more accurate diagnoses in a context in which cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. "There is no way to approach the patient without permanent training," he said. That is why both parties have validated their cooperation agreement.

In the opinion of Dr. D'Ovidio, the role of scientific societies is that of prevention, and in this crusade, the FAC is allied with the Practicum Foundation, first to consolidate the training of the specialists who are members of the federation and, second, to expand the echo of the actions of the FAC in society. "Our organization wants every cardiologist in Argentina to receive the message and the training, (and) the training possibilities to be the same for everyone," he says. At the same time, he maintains that "we cannot close ourselves in the scientific part, we have to reach the community, and for that, we have very serious campaigns.” Basically, he refers to the 470 scholarships donated by the Practicum Foundation for the 2018 edition of the Practicum Script Cardiology course and the campaigns on children and women that the FAC is currently carrying out.

"The platform grows and what is coming is better," says Dr. D'Ovidio. Applying for scholarships is as simple as "writing an e-mail and having the quota up to date.” From then on, the granting of the clinical simulation course will depend on merit and professional records. According to the president of the FAC, the comparative advantage over any other tool is that "not only you get training, but it is also fun.” In addition, "teaching through problem solving is the most modern form of teaching." And even more, without losing sight of the fact that the new 30 cases are real, as were the previous ones, a committee of regional expert auditors will ratify the suitability of the contents in a prior phase to the course launch.

Medical criteria
The starting premise is continuous professional development and adaptation to change. As an illustrative example, Dr. D'Ovidio refers to patient 2.0, who gets informed on the web and arrives at the appointment in an empowered position. "As patients change, we are forced to change," he says. By this, he means that "not all patients fit the guidelines." In fact, the patient with comorbidities forces specialists to leave their comfort zone: "My father and my grandfather were different doctors (they had a comprehensive approach), we have subspecialized." That's where the ability to overcome the ups and downs of the times and, above all, the medical criteria, comes into play, "which is nothing else than the combination of pure knowledge and humanistic training." Undoubtedly, the possibility of sharing knowledge and experiences is of enormous help in this task.

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