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The Practicum Foundation signs an academic agreement with the Catalan Society of Pediatrics

This agreement enables 120 senior residents in pediatrics in hospitals throughout Catalonia to take advantage of the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training program free of charge. 

The Practicum Foundation and the Catalan Society of Pediatrics have signed an academic agreement that provides grants for 120 third- and fourth-year residents in Catalonia to participate in the current edition of thePracticum Script clinical reasoning training program.

The agreement was signed by the president of the Practicum Foundation, Dr Eduardo Hornos Barberis, and the president of the Catalan Society of Pediatrics, Dr Ferrán A. Moraga-Llop, at the  Society’s headquarters in the Academy of Medical and Health Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in Barcelona; also present were the Society’s vice-president for the scientific area,  Dr Iolanda Jordán García, and the academic secretary of the Practicum Foundation, Dr Eduardo Pleguezuelos Rodríguez.

Third- and fourth-year residents in pediatrics at university hospitals in Catalonia can now benefit from Practicum Script free of charge. During the course, they will have to make decisions in 300 clinical scenarios, and this will add immense variability to the cases that they see during their specialist training. This will help bring them to professional maturity faster, with the added advantage of dealing with real cases in a simulated environment, without the risk of harming patients.

Throughout their training with Practicum Script, participants have access to personalized academic tutoring and also have the opportunity to take part in an international forum with pediatricians and senior residents in the specialty.

Catalan residents that complete and pass the course will receive a diploma to accredit their training, and the accomplishment will be noted in their records. Moreover, the Practicum Foundation also offers these future specialists the possibility of obtaining a specific university certificate worth 20 ECTS credits.

The academic agreement between the Practicum Foundation and the Catalan Society of Pediatrics also provides for the creation of a Catalan Committee of Practicum Script Auditors, which will be incorporated into the Spanish Committee of Expert Auditors, made up of specialists from different regions in Spain.

The Catalan Society of Pediatrics is a cultural and scientific organ in the area of the health sciences applied to childhood and adolescence; it currently has about 2.500 members. Among its main missions is promoting and organizing activities related to the management of knowledge in the areas of training, research, and continuing medical education for pediatricians, as well as ensuring the professional competence of its members and the ethical and social prestige of pediatric medicine.


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