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IMPROVEMENTS. Auto play option

Practicum Script cases are now available in audio

Those who prefer so may listen the cases by activating the audio option.

Converting text to voice is a mobility solution for those who lack time to stand in front of the computer screen and prefer to combine reading with other tasks such as going to work, practicing sports, or walking. Several studies suggest that the use of headphones and listening of audio guides increase reading comprehension, improves vocabulary, and facilitates oral fluency. In addition, the combination of text and audio reinforces memorization compared with quiet reading. Practicum Script implements the autoplay option with the software Vocalware, and bets on its integration into medical practice as an agile and comfortable solution.

Madrid - July 4, 2019. When listening to an audio guide, you must be attentive to the voiceover and assimilate what is being said. This required attention refines your concentration while freeing you from physically standing in front of a device. Nothing new under the sun of modern life, since radio communication has been freeing our imagination and our daily work since the end of the 19th century. Today, in the digital medium, Vocalware is revolutionizing the online conversion of text to voice by providing simpler and more affordable means to speech-enable any web application on any platform.

“Ubiquity is one of the attributes of industry 4.0, and we didn't want to be left behind in the leap from the physical to the digital world,” says Dr. Hornos, president of the Practicum Foundation and General Director of Practicum Script. The integration of information from different sources and locations closes a continuous flow of data and actions between both spheres, facilitating real-time access to analytics, artificial intelligence, and cognitive technologies. This cycle – more agile, more comfortable, and more dynamic – occupies a space that tends towards interactivity. For the users, it translates into greater service customization.

Instead of reading, users may access the case description using audio, if wishing to do so. For now, Practicum Script has enabled the options of Spanish of Spain, British English, and Brazilian Portuguese, but does not rule out the expansion to other languages. With respect to Spanish, for example, Dr. Hornos clarifies that "our world has more than 550 million [Spanish] speakers, so we try to use neutral Spanish, respecting the rules and spelling of Spanish, so that it serves to the understanding of all participants and without prejudice to the appearance of terms used more or less in different regions. The important thing about language is effective communication.”

Hard core of natural language
On the other hand, text recognition using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, as well as the development of a natural language processing system, is one of the priorities in the 2019 Practicum Script agenda. Given the regional variations in medical terminology in Latin America, the innovation and development team of the clinical simulation tool is working on expanding the available lexicon and improving the recognition of synonym patterns and words in the answer boxes. Using the above analogy, the next releases will be the best test, as the Southern Cone would say.

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