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He talks about collective intelligence and learning

Dr. Mella, coeditor of the Gastroenterology course at Practicum Script: “Learning to handle shades of gray is the art of medicine”

For Dr. Mella, Practicum Script "gives the opportunity to challenge what you are thinking."

B. Aires / Madrid - Octobrer 31, 2018. "Many times in medicine you have to deal with uncertainty, and that is the gray spectrum; learning to handle shades of gray is the art of medicine." These words were said by Dr. José Manuel Mella, a coeditor of Practicum Script in the area of Gastroenterology. The Argentine physician, who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (where he is now an associate professor), argues that "as you see more patients, you find (...) easier ways to solve the same problem." The simulator "gives (the individual) an opportunity to see what the first thing is that comes to mind in a situation, verify if there are wiser choices compared to those of the experts, (...) and challenge his thinking with new information." Its equivalent in real life would be to do rounds, in which a physician presents the patient’s progression and compares or complements his vision with that of an entire team of professionals.

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